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Slim-Fast Diet Review

The Slim-Fast 1-2-3 Meal Replacement Diet is arguably one of the easiest and cheapest diets around.  The concept is simple, you have 1 sensible nutritious meal per day, 2 meal replacement shakes or bars and 3 snacks that are each around 100kcals.  If you followed the diet exactly your daily calorie intake would be 1360Kcals, which is 640 calories less than the average woman needs.  In order to loose 1lb of body weight you need to cut out or burn 500 calories, based on this the diet should help you shred weight pretty quickly.

The shakes come in 2 forms, as a powder or as a pre made shake.  In my experience the pre made drinks taste considerably better than the powdered shakes and are more convenient   However the pre made shakes cost 3 times as much as the powder.  The powder shakes need to be mixed with 250ml of skimmed milk, preferably in a protein shaker or a blender.

Powdered shakes (£6/ 12 servings)
The powdered shakes come in 5 flavours; caramel temptation  blissful banana, rich chocolate, simply vanilla and summer strawberry.  Out of the 5 my favourite is blissful banana, it's sweet and tastes similar to a normal  banana milkshake.  Second to that is simply vanilla which is also very sweet, summer strawberry is sweet but tastes very artificial and isn't as smooth as the other flavours.  I personally don't like the chocolate flavour as I don't think it tastes at all like chocolate, and I haven't yet tried the caramel flavour.

Pre made shakes (£1.55/ shake):
The pre made drinks come in 6 flavours; blissful banana, cafe latte, raspberry crush, rich chocolate, simply vanilla and summer strawberry.  Out of these my absolute favourite is simply vanilla, its really sooth and creamy and tastes almost like sweet vanilla ice cream.  Blissful banana and summer strawberry both taste more like normal milkshakes than the powdered ones and are nice and sweet.  I didn't find that chocolate flavour too bad, but it still didn't taste like a real chocolate milkshake.  My least favourite was the raspberry crush which I couldn't even drink as it was so vile, I haven't tried the cafe latte flavour as I don't like coffee so I can't comment on that flavour.

Meal bars (£4.99 for 4):
There are 3 meal bars available which are; chocolate crunch, peanut butter and summer berry flavour.  I've only tried the chocolate crunch flavour a I didn't find it as filling as the shakes and I found it quite dry.

Snacks (49p-59p each):
Slimfast have a selection of 6 snacks which include; BBQ flavour tortilla snack bag, sour cream and chive flavour pretzel bag, cheddar flavour bites snack bag, chocolate caramel treat snack bar, heavenly chocolate delight snack bar and chocolate nutty nougat snack bar.  I enjoyed all the snacks except the chocolate caramel bar as it was really gooey and had a strange texture and the chocolate nutty nougat snack bar.  As a healthier alternative to these snacks I often ate fruit or veg such as apples or carat sticks.

I mostly used the shakes when on this diet plan and as far as the nutritional content is concerned, they contain  a third of your daily allowance of loads of different vitamins and minerals.  However they contain less protein than Sculptress shakes which meant that I wasn't as full when I used slimfast.  Unfortunately my main problem with slimfast is that half the powder is pure sugar, meaning it's bad for your teeth, is high in carbs and only provides you with short bursts of energy.  This also means that once your energy has been used up you start to crave more sugar.

I've used Slimfast twice over the last 4 years and both times I've used it I managed to loose weight pretty quickly.  I quite enjoyed the shakes and snacks so I didn't find it a difficult plan to stick to.  Alongside controlling my eating I also upped my workouts.  The first time I used Slimfast I lost 4lbs in 2 weeks, however I did quickly put the weight back on when I started eating normally again.  The second time I used it I lost about the same of weight but then changed to the sculptress diet as it contained less sugar.

You can buy all of slimfast's products from Boots.

Diet rating: 3/5
In my experience with slimfast I found it to be great for when you need to loose weight quickly and cheaply for a wedding or an important event, but in the long run the weight will come back as soon as you start eating normally again.  I would have rated this diet plan higher if it wasn't so highly concentrated with sugar.

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