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How I Lost 22lbs - Maxitone Sculptress Weight Loss Protein Shakes Review

Sculptress Diet
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Sculptress weight loss protein shakes from Maxitone come in 3 different flavours; Banana Split, Chocolate Delight and Strawberry Sunday.  All three protein shakes contain between 201 and 209 calories per serving.  They also contain 17g of protein per serving to help fill you up and repair muscles, green tea extract to help boost your metabolism, CLA which is a natural fatty acid that has been shown to aid weight loss and increase toning, and L carnitine which is a thermogenic that helps to boost your metabolism through raised body temperature.

I've been using Sculptress shakes on and off for almost a year now and combined with regular trips to the gym I've lost 22lbs, going from 9stone 4lbs in april last year to 7stone 10lbs.  Prior to trying Maxitone I had been using Slimfast meal replacement shakes, but found that they were almost pure sugar and didn't fill me up as well as sculptress shakes do.

To help me control my diet I replaced both my breakfast and first lunch with Sculptress shakes and ate soup with no rolls for my second lunch, I also snacked on 1 piece of fruit and 1 small chocolate bar per day.  I then ate my evening meal as normal and made sure I drank at least 2 cups of green tea per day.  What I loved most about the sculptress shakes is that unlike Slimfast, Maxitone's shakes can be mixed with water which made them more convenient for when I was out or at work.  The shakes are also very filling yet don't bloat you out, so you still feel energetic enough to go to the gym.

I've tried all three sculptress flavours and my favourite has to be banana split.  It's the sweetest of the 3 and really satisfies my sweet tooth, helping to reduce cravings.  Second to this is strawberry sunday, although this flavour is slightly more savoury and is slightly more powdery tasting (nothing too bad though).  As for the chocolate delight flavour, I found that it tasted really artificial and nothing like chocolate, having said that I also found that with Slimfast's chocolate flavour and Maxitones chocolate Definity Shakes.

All three flavours mix well in Maxitones pink protein shakers, I find that I only have to shake them for a couple of minutes before they turn into a thick, smooth milkshake type consistency.  At first I was a little embarrassed to be seen with a protein shaker, as they're stereotypically known as a muscle building drink.  But since the Maxitone ones are pink and are becoming increasingly more popular I soon got a lot more comfortable drinking from them in public.

I usually get these from Maxitone's website as they often have offers on such as 35% off which makes a huge difference as they usually retail for £24.99 for 14 servings.  They also do free delivery which I've always found to be really quick, plus they have a points system where you get 10% of the price you pay back in points which you can use to buy other products.

Product score: 5/5
Without this product I wouldn't have been able to loose as much weight as I did, I saw results quickly and didn't get cravings as much as I usually do with other diets.  I also never felt hungry and enjoyed the shakes, I continue to drink these for breakfast as I think they're a filling, easy and convenient way to start the day.

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