Thursday, 28 March 2013

How To Dress For The Gym - Workout Outfit #1

What to wear to the gym
When I first got back into going to the gym a year ago I never knew what to wear.  My old gym was quite sloppy and people just tended to wear whatever was comfortable.  However when I switched to a more upmarket gym I noticed that everyone wore make up and put effort into their appearance whilst working out.
What to wear to the gym

I'm not one to spend loads of money on sports gear but I always like to wear either Nike or Adidas tops.  I get most of my gym kit from Sports Direct and TK Maxx as I find they have really good ranges at fairly low prices.

This vest top is great as it has a built in sports bra with a decent shock absorber built in.  It's also made of Nikes dri-fit a material and has a breathable mesh back and straps.  I also find it quite slimming and it doesn't ride upwards whilst I'm running.  I got this top from Sports Direct for £20 down from £27.99, you can find it *here*.

My capri pants are by Karrimor, they're lightweight and stretchy helping to pull you in a bit making you appear slightly slimmer.  They've also got a small zip pocket on the back which is the perfect size to put a gym card or credit card in.  I got these from Sports Direct last year and couldn't find the exact same pair online but these ones are similar and are only £8.99 down from £39.99, you can find them *here*.

Saucony are a brand that I've only recently become aware of.  I've found their trainers to be a lot comfier than Nike and Adidas trainers.  These ones are very springy which makes running in them really soft and comfortable.  I got these from for £34.99 down from £69.99, you can find them *here*.

I love having an armband to put my phone or ipod in whilst running so I can listen to music without having to carry anything.  This one is also from Karrimor and fits my Samsung Galxy Ace in perfectly.  I got it from Sports Direct for £3.99 down from £7.99, you can find it *here*.
Womens Gym outfit

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