Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chanel Nail Polish - Vendetta 483

Chanel Vendetta 483 Nail Varnish swatch £18
This shade is a very deep, dark purple, almost black looking from a distance.  In the bottle you can see lots of micro shimmer which almost disappears on application.  I was expecting this shade to be lighter, as in the bottle it is more purpley. But I still love the colour it as its nice and wintery and doesn't really clash with any of my clothes unlike lighter colours often do.  However, as with Chanels Tentation the formula is shockingly bad as I applied it just before I went to bed last night using a base coat, 2 coats of vendetta and a top coat and within an hour of being at work I noticed that almost every nail had chipped.  I might expect this from a cheap brand but when you're paying almost as much as a salon manicure for one bottle of nail varnish, I'd expect it to stay chip-free for at least a day.  I normally love Chanel products but I don't think I'l be wasting my money on any more Chanel nail varnishes for a long while.  Maybe they'd last longer if you have really strong nails or acrylics on as my nails are very brittle which does make them prone to chipping, however not this much.

Chanel Vendetta 483 Nail Varnish swatch

Chanel Vendetta after 1 day
Princess points: 2/5
This is a beautiful dark shade, but for £18 I'd expect it not to chip anywhere near as badly as this.

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